insulbar® insulating bars on shiny surface
In perfect form For the required function

The right geometry for every application

To cover the wide range of different window, door and facade systems, Ensinger offers insulating bars in a variety of profile shapes and geometries, and for all popular insulation depths. insulbar® insulating profiles are fitted with special functional elements and come in different wall thicknesses and foot geometries to fit specific requirements.

Straight, offset and hollow chamber profiles in plastic - with wide-ranging functions

Starting from the three profile types – straight, offset and hollow chamber – there is an enormous selection of application-specific profiles available with different function zones: For instance insulating profiles with hook, groove or arrow to hold the gasket as well as insulating bars with nose or hollow chamber as a stopper for the gasket. Variants with screw channel or flag which bring about extremely low loss of heat are also available.

Profile shapes

Picture of straight profile form
Picture of offset profile form
Picture of profile shape hollow chamber profile
Hollow chamber

Thermal insulating bars with function zones/thermal optimization elements (selection)

Picture of thermal insulating bar offset with nose
Offset with nose
Picture of thermal insulating bar offset with flag
Offset with flag
Picture of thermal insulating bar offset with groove
Offset with groove
Picture of thermal insulating bar offset with hook
Offset with hook
Picture of thermal insulating bar offset with arrow
Offset with arrow
Picture of thermal insulating bar offset with “T”
Offset with "T"
Picture of thermal insulating bar straight with screw channel
Straight with screw channel

Insulating bars for special applications

Picture of insulating bar for special applications: Floor threshold
Floor threshold
Picture of insulating bar for special applications: Chicane for sliding systems
Chicane for sliding systems
Picture of insulating bar for special applications: Runner profile
Runner profile
Picture of insulating bar for special applications: Facade spacer
Facade spacer

Matching sizes and wall thicknesses for every system

Standard insulbar® insulating profiles are currently available for insulating depths of between 10 mm and 54 mm in different wall thicknesses. In order to guarantee the stability of bars / frame constructions, it is not admissible to drop below a defined wall thickness.

Foot geometries with narrow tolerances to match your aluminium chamber

The foot of the insulating bar forms the connection to the retaining chamber of the aluminium profile in the frame construction. Optimum coordination of the foot geometry to the aluminium chamber ensures high shearing strength and transverse tensile strength, as well as shear stiffness of the assembly. For this, different foot geometries with very close tolerance ranges can be implemented.

Picture of “wide foot” profile foot with 2 Coex wires
Wide foot with 2 Coex wires
Picture of “offset feet” profile feet
Offset feet
Picture of profile foot, 2-foot variant
2-foot variant
Picture of profile foot, 4-foot variant
4-foot variant

Recommended aluminium chamber variants

For insulbar® insulating profiles, Ensinger recommends two different aluminium cavities depending on the application. The most commonly used variant is the cavity with short hammer. In exceptional circumstances – for instance in case of obstacles which make the hammer difficult to access for the roll-on wheel – Ensinger offers an alternative with a long hammer.

Picture of aluminium cavity, short hammer
Short hammer
Picture of aluminium cavity, long hammer
Long hammer

The Coex sealing wire – a reliable moisture barrier

The Coex sealing wire integrated in the foot – an Ensinger invention – is used to create a perfect seal of the assembled system. As well as ensuring a reliable moisture barrier, it also provides an additional safeguard against displacement of the assembly. The polyamide core of the Coex wire is sheathed in hot-melt glue which melts and is consequently activated by the effect of heat during coating. insulbar® insulating profiles are supplied today as standard with Coex wire.

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