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We are the profile professionals!
insulbar® insulating bars with vanishing perspective
Insulate windows, doors and facades perfectly isolated
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Benefit from an exceptional long-life cicle
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Reduce energy consumption by the use of thermal separation
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Profit of savings potential and save costs
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Insulating bar insulbar® RE Sustainable - from recycled polyamide
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Insulating profile insulbar® LEF easy processing - and the best insulating effect

insulbar® - the insulating profile

Under the insulbar® brand name, we develop, produce and market insulating bars for the thermal separation of doors, windows and facades in metal. Quality made in Germany - for 40 years.

28.06. 2018
insulbar Wärmedämmprofile, in Rungen verladen, sind mit einer Sicherungsplane zusätzlich vor Schäden geschützt.
All fixed up: improved load...

So that nothing slips about during handling and transport and the load is better protected against mechanical damage, Ensinger is introducing a further restraining system for its stillages. This system consists of a robust tarpaulin and strap sewn onto...

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The insulating profile from Ensinger

All important information about insulbar® insulating profiles can be gained from watching our video.

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Exclusively at Ensinger
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The insulbar® Finder

Choose the fastest, simplest route to the optimum insulating profile. Use our insulbar® Finder – and put an end to searching!

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Detailed view of window in the “Neuer Zollhof”, Rheinhafen Düsseldorf
Excellent references

Wherever efficient window insulation or the effective thermal insulation of doors and facades are required, expertise and insulating profiles from insulbar® are in demand.

insulbar insulating bars in profile
Standard profiles – universal and economical

Our broad standard range of insulating profiles covers most requirements in the field of thermal separation. Polyamide-based insulating profiles are readily available and particularly economical.

Standard profiles
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Your direct line to insulbar®

If you have questions about our services, require insulating bars from our standard range or are looking for customized individual profiles: We will be pleased to help.

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